The life and great adventures of Kat in China!


Home. What does that mean to you? It can have significant connotations and drum up a myriad of emotions depending on your experience of home.

I’ve lived in Texas most of my life….mainly in Fort Worth, Burleson, Lubbock, Abilene and Denton. I have lived in Mexico and Alaska for a summer and made those places “home”. I have now lived

They say “home is where the hearts is”…but my heart is spread all over the

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world. China has become home. Even though I live in a land of different cultures, smells, languages, and ways of doing life…it has become home. It is familiar. I know how to get around (generally) and do life here. Sometimes it is still a challenge, which will always be the case when you live and work in a different culture…and you learn and grow all along the way.


In our study last Saturday night, one of the sweet girls from our church who helps with my Bible study sometimes asked me a question that resonated with me. She said she had been chatting with other professing believers and they asked her

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what the name of her church is. She did not know how to answer. So, she asked me,

“What is our name?”

One of the great things about doing church here is that basically there are no tangible dividing lines…no names, no buildings, no signs on the door. We are simply…the Church.

The way it was intended to be. The way it began.

Does that mean that there are not influences, traditions, and differences we have amongst the different groups who meet as churches? Of course we do. It is basically impossible not to have that. But, for most in this generation they have not been influenced or know anything about the infighting and arguments we have going on in America.

My prayer is that will not change.

That may be a naive prayer, but it is one I pray.

When they learn about Him for the first time, it is usually the first time they are hearing about a Savior, the Church, and our role in the Body. Ev


The word God gave me this year is JOY.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this in the beginning.

I have looked in the face of poverty…and found joy.

I have looked in the beautiful faces of

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children, and found joy.


The word God gave me this year is JOY.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this in the beginning.

I have looked in the face of poverty…and found joy.

I have looked in the beautiful faces

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of children, and found joy.


The word God gave me this year is JOY.


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be honest, I was a bit nervous about this in the beginning.

I have looked in the face of poverty…and found joy.

I have looked in the beautiful faces of children, and found joy.

Greater things are still to come…


I could have never imagined how great of an impact the Angkor of Faith would have had on me. It was by far the most amazing week of my life, and I am so grateful to our Father for the opportunity. As a first timer to the AofF, I was anticipating and excited to see what God would do…but I was absolutely blown away by what I witnessed and was blessed to be a part of. It is nearly impossible to explain such an incredible experience in tangible words, but I will do my best.

Within the first 5 minutes of gathering with this awesome group, I already felt at home. Like I was with family…and I was!! A forever family. It was such a wonderful blessing to gather with Christians from all over Asia with the same goal to reach out in love to these amazing kids in Siem Reap and bring glory to our Father. I loved listening to the different languages, knowing we all served the same mighty God who transcends all languages and cultures. We were all gathered under the same banner of love, which is the thread that binds us together. The diversity of the Body is such a beautiful thing, especially with the realization that God had brought us together as One to serve His children.

The atmosphere of the entire week was so uplifting and joyful. It was an infectious joy which could not be ignored through the laughter of the children, the beautiful times of worship & the willing spirits of the participants. Everyone was willing to jump in and do their part sacrificially and with enthusiasm; whether it was cooking lunch, leading worship, playing with the kids, or washing lice out of their hair. Each part of the Body did their part to make it an incredible week. You could feel the Spirit alive and breathing throughout each moment. God was truly working and moving through each person and opportunity of service.

One of my favorite things about the whole week was singing with the kids and watching their sweet faces light up as they sang praise songs to our Father. It was wonderful and such a blessing that by the end of the week you could hear them singing the songs as we walked along the streets and everywhere we went, complete with the movements! My prayer is that those songs are still pealing throughout the streets of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat.


It was beautiful to watch the yellow shirts spread kindness and grace throughout the streets of Siem Reap as we sought to show kindness during the Amazing (G)race day on Thursday. What was even cooler is that the kids were serving their own people with us! One of the other amazingly memorable moments of the week was visiting the kids at the orphanage and the joy on their faces as they shared their love for the Lord to us through song. They are so grateful for even the smallest gifts, and it was such a blessing to be able to play with them and see their beautiful smiles. I know that touched us all and it is a time we shall always remember. Experiences like this always change our perspective and hearts, and hopefully tune us more into God’s perspective and will…

I am so extremely thankful God provided this amazing opportunity. Words can truly not express the transformation that occurred during my time at the Angkor of Faith. It is truly something you have to experience in person to begin to grasp or understand. I am grateful for each new friendship made through those I was blessed to serve with and each kid who was brought into our path. I pray that these will continue to blossom and grow as time goes on, until we meet again in heaven. The Angkor of Faith was a glimpse of heaven for me.

It was super hard to leave, but I knew that something had forever changed in my heart that week and that I will most definitely be returning.

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I know that Cambodia and these amazing kids will forever be a special part of my life, and I look forward to see what God will continue to do in their lives. May the seeds that have been planted grow in their hearts as the blossom into who He has made them to be in Him!

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still be done…


Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE to take pictures. I’ve been known to take a few thousand on one trip. In fact, I took over 3,000 in Cambodia alone :)

I saved up several years to have the camera I currently do, and it has been such a blessing! I had a point and shoot camera that someone had very kindly given me; which I christened on my first trip to China, and then it was used and abused since then and especially in China…and I do mean abused. I had used it so much that the batteries were literally being held on by duct tape. Oh yes, I was super ghetto. I also think with the amount of money I spent on batteries, I could have bought several nice cameras!!

I pretty much take pictures of everything. I love to take pictures for other people…capturing moments, whether they be posed or candid, and then letting them have that forever moment. It is beautiful!

Yet, sometimes…I forget to put the camera down and BE in the moment.

I have really been contemplating on that lately. I love having all of these moments captured, but also know how important it is to be in some of those moments. That may mean sacrificing a picture, but it is so worth it when I do.

I recently had one

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of those moments. On the last day we were in Cambodia, I was snapping all of those last day shots. I was actually running out of room on my card, but kept going through, deleting the not so great ones to make room for new ones. We had been out playing with the kids all day out at the front of Angkor Wat, and then went over to the orphanage for awhile. I had been taking pictures of several people with the kids, and I felt this huge urge to put down the camera and join in on what was going on.

I am SO glad I did.

There were about 7 girls who I began this major game of tag with. It was an absolute blast!! I would chase one, and they would run screaming. I would grab one, pick her up and swing her around…and then the rest of them would almost “let” me catch them. I will never forget as I swung one of the girls around, the sheer look of joy on her face! It was so precious and a moment I will never, ever forget. I am super thankful for that amazing moment God provided and that I embraced it.

I will continue taking pictures & capturing moments, because it is something I love. I hope I will always remember how to BE in those special moments when they arrive…


Well…things have changed quite a bit since I wrote in July.

First, I was extremely blessed to be able to travel to 5 different countries last month, and do ministry in several of them. I was amazed at all of the opportunities God provided for me to be able to fly 12 times in 28 days and spend time with many people that I dearly love. Every time the plane landed on a tarmac, I would thank our Father again for what I was getting to do. I have many stories from my Awesome August Asian Adventure, which I will share soon.

The biggest news is that my plans have changed since I last wrote. Originally, my plan was to return home to Texas for 3 months and then move to the Philippines early next year. Due to several reasons, I will no longer be moving to the Philippines, but will be staying in China

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after going home. I feel like this is where God would have me to stay right now. I know that Asia has truly stolen my heart in ways I never could have imagined, and is where He wants me to be. I feel privileged He would call me to so many wonderful countries and amazing people.

Honestly, this has been a very challenging year in so many ways. It has been a bit too painful and personal to write about, so I have just stayed away from blogging.

I am super thankful that through it all…God has been faithful. He has led me through and in the midst of it all, provided amazing opportunities and brought many wonderful people into my life. I am seriously constantly blown away by all of the blessings He has placed in my life throughout Asia and beyond. I never could have imagined all of the doors He would open here and in my heart when I answered His calling over 2 years ago. I want to unpack more on that at some point…as I treasure it all in my heart.

For now…please pray for this decision and that God would continue to build upon the relationships we have here. I am truly thankful for each one. also, pray that the right support would come in to make this possible. I have truly been amazed and humbled to watch God provide beyond what I could imagine…

It’s a beautiful to know you are right in the middle of God’s will. That certainly does not mean it is not challenging or everything will be perfect, but it makes it easier to trust and surrender to Him

Heading back


Well, I am currently sitting in the Seattle airport headed back to Beijing in a few hours. I know I have been really silent on here…a lot has transpired over the past few months…well year…but, not all of it needs

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to be shared to the worldwide web! Too personal, emotional, and leaves me feeling a bit too vulnerable.

However, in the midst of everything, God continues to move, to

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work, to provide, to lead…

and I am trying to continue to follow and be faithful to His calling.

There is much I want to write about what He has been doing…but with 2 hours of sleep, I am wrestling with putting coherent sentences together :)

For now I want to share today’s thoughts out of my awesome “Jesus Calling” book, which I find extremely providential for today:

“You are on the right path. Listen more to Me, and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you. Therefore, it is a lonely way, humanly speaking. But I go before you as well as alongside you, so you are never alone. Do not expect anyone to understand fully My ways with you, any more than you can comprehend My dealings with others. I am revealing to you the path of Life day by day, and moment by moment. As I said to My disciple Peter, so I repeat to you: Follow Me.”

Thank you, Father for going before me, walking beside me, and even in those moments of loneliness…reminding me of your promise to never forsake or leave us. I pray that you will go before me as I travel back to China, prepare the hearts of those who are and will seek you there, be with the children we will serve in Cambodia in a few weeks, those in the Philippines who need our help as they recover from disasters, and help our eyes be open to whoever you place in our path to serve. Thank you for being a Father who provides for your children!! I love you, Abba!

Happy 2012!!


Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love

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and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!

~William Arthur Ward

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I am an alumni of both Lubbock Christian University (B.A., Family Studies, 2002) and Abilene Christian University (M.A., Christian Ministry, 2009) I have been blessed to be involved in some sort of youth ministry, campus ministry, and/or mission work for 13 years now. I am trying to follow God’s calling on my life…wherever that leads me. Come join me in my adventure!