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Future in Asia…


Wow, there are so many wonderful things going on right now in China!! We are on our 3rd straight back to back Let’s Start Talking team this summer, with several more to follow until October (and hopefully beyond!) I have basically been mostly or solely in charge of the last 2 teams, so it has been super busy and I am loving every minute!!

I have made several decisions about the future lately. It is funny because when I first arrived in China, I was not even sure if I would survive a week, much less a month, a full year…or now 2 years!! Yet, here I am…and I am forever grateful for the opportunity our Father has provided for me to be here. I stand back sometimes in awe that He called me here, and for the doors He continues to open in Asia and in my heart. It really is

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amazing, humbling, and beautiful. Thank you, Father!!

My plan when I came back at the beginning of this year was to stay through May…then I changed to August, and now…it is officially October when I will be leaving. When the beginning of June arrived and I was looking at leaving in August, I knew it was not the right time. Then I started thinking that the last LST team will come in October, my visa expires then, and my roommate will have a place to live for awhile longer. Plus, it would be perfect because it would be right before the holidays and I could be home with my family.

But, that is not the end of the story…Asia has stolen my heart. I have no clue how to leave. I have loved my time in China and the wonderful people here. Everywhere I go, it seems like new doors of my heart open to the people, the stories, the experiences and relationships that continue to develop. Last August when I attended the Asian Mission Forum in the Philippines, I somehow knew it would be my next home. That passion, desire, and calling has continued to grow over the last year and every time I return. The ministry opportunities are endless and I have many invitations to come work with several different groups. I am excited about the possibilities that await there…

So, my plan is to return to Texas in October, remain there until February or March, and then return to the Philippines to continue doing ministry there.

I am about to embark on what I am deeming my “Awesome August Asian Adventure“!! I am super duper excited about these opportunities God has provided. First, I will be in Thailand for the Asian Mission Forum. There are 250 people signed up and many of them are my friends! I was so very blessed by this experience last year, and I know this year will be amazing, too! It has long been my dream to go to Thailand, so this is such a wonderful opportunity!!

Then I will head to Cebu, Philippines to be in a wedding of some friends; and will be staying there an additional week to explore & be a part of all of the ministry opportunities there. After the Philippines, I will go to Cambodia to

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spend time with my awesome kids from the Angkor of Faith, and I cannot wait to see those precious faces again!! Then, I will swing by Singapore to visit some of my friends that I was able to serve with at the AofF, and back to Beijing.

Thankfully, I was able to get all these tickets cheap on several amazing Asian budget airlines. I truly feel blessed to be able to have made so many friends throughout Asia who are family and who I dearly love. They are and forever will be in my heart, and I plan on soaking up every minute I have with them!!

I will keep you posted on my Awesome August Asian Adventure…I am sure I will have pictures to share and stories to tell!!

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“Future in Asia…”

  1. July 25th, 2011 at 10:28 am      Reply Faithieee Says:

    Hey Kat! I cannot wait to see you in Chiang Mai and Singapore! We are gonna have good times! =)

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I am an alumni of both Lubbock Christian University (B.A., Family Studies, 2002) and Abilene Christian University (M.A., Christian Ministry, 2009) I have been blessed to be involved in some sort of youth ministry, campus ministry, and/or mission work for 13 years now. I am trying to follow God’s calling on my life…wherever that leads me. Come join me in my adventure!